20l BIOMAT® Compostable Bags with Handles

These compostable organic waste bags 20 litres With Handle provide a safe home for your kitchen waste until it is disposed of in the organic waste bin.
Dimensions: 440 x 560 mm
Quantity: 26 bags per roll
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Guaranteed hygienic collection of organic waste

You want to do something good for the environment? Switch to our compostable BIOMAT® 20 litre waste bags made from Mater-Bi, which you can dispose of together with their contents in the organic waste bin. The tear-resistant 20-litre bio bags provide a safe home for your kitchen waste until it is disposed of in the organic waste bin.

Tip: Only put hot waste such as food leftovers, coffee filters or tea bags into the organic waste bags when they have cooled down. Throw the waste bags tightly closed (e.g. by knotting the handles) into the waste bin. In addition, use our BIOMAT®-Bio waste bags for your organic waste bin.

Condensate is a thing of the past

Condensate accumulates in your pre-collection bin? Our innovative organic waste bags 20 litres support the evaporation of liquids that are responsible for stinky odour clouds. In addition, the compostable film bags based on maize starch do not soften.

Ecological advantage

The organic waste bags 20 litres from NATURABIOMAT® are completely biodegradable and certified according to EU standard 13432. They have also received OK Compost Home certification. Our waste bags are made from renewable raw materials without GEN technology and even the printing is environmentally friendly, as only solvent-free printing inks are used.

For information on storage and shelf life, please see our FAQs.

Content: 1 roll per 26 pieces
Size: 20 litres with handle
Dimension: 440 x 560 mm

  • Kompostierbarer Bioabfallbeutel aus nachwachsenden Rohstoffen
  • zertifizierte biologische Abbaubarkeit und Kompostierbarkeit gem. EN 13432
  • zertifiziert gem OK Compost Home
  • frei von genmanipulierten Rohstoffen
  • hergestellt in Deutschland
  • haltbar und reißfest
  • hygienische Sammlung von Haushaltsabfällen
  • atmungsaktive Folie ermöglicht das Verdunsten von Flüssigkeiten
  • Inhalt: 1 Rolle à 26 Stück
  • Größe: 20 Liter mit Henkel
  • Abmessung: 440 x 560 mm
  • Auf praktischen und platzsparenden Rollen
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