How long does it take until compostable sacks and bags made from bioplastics have completely biodegraded?

Depending on their thickness, certified bags will be broken down completely in industrial composting units after approx 3 to max 10 weeks, leaving only water, CO2 and biomass.

How long does it take for normal plastic to degrade completely?

It takes several hundred years for plastic to degrade. The half-life of traditional plastics such as PE and PP is between 300 and 500 years.

What are the differences between bioplastics and traditional plastics?

Compostable bioplastics carry their own logos  which clearly define that these materials are fully degradable. These logos are assigned exclusively by authorised institutions following extensive test procedures. Specified annual checks are carried out to allow continued certification. Additonally, samples are taken continually from the market and checked in independent test laboratories. All of our products are certified to DIN EN 13432 standard.

What are bioplastics?

Bioplastics consist predominantly of sustainable raw materials, based on starchy plants such as maize, potatoes and beets, or on sugar cane and other cellulose-containing plants, partly from residues from food and feedstuffs production. The plants which are utilised are not or are no longer suitable for human consumption.

What is the advantage of bioplastics over conventional plastics?

The raw materials for bioplastics grow back again at least once a year, which saves valuable fossil resources. Some fallow arable land may be brought back under cultivation again.

Bioplastics are virtually CO2-neutral, regardless of the method of disposal (composting, fermentation or incineration). Only the CO2 which the plant absorbed during its short period of growth is released. For this reason, bioplastics contribute very little to global warming, compared to conventional plastics.

Do compostable rubbish bags require special storage conditions?

BIOMAT® products are manufactured from natural and sustainable raw materials. This fact can lead to certain changes in their properties, if they are stored in the wrong way. We recommend, therefore, that these products are stored in a dry, cool place (temperature +15 to +20°C, relative humidity approx. 50%). Products should be left in their box and protected from direct sunlight.

As our products are manufactured from a ‘living’ material, we guarantee their quality for up to 1 year from the date of purchase on biomat-shop.com, provided that they are correctly stored. Failure to comply strictly with these storage conditions can result in a marked reduction in material strength and durability.

For handling purposes, our advice to you is ‘First in, first out’.

As a matter of principle, these goods should be treated just like foodstuffs.

The BIOMAT® team is at your disposal for further information!

Legal requirements

Please check the legal regulations regarding the admission and disposal of certified compostable bio-plastics in your country/ region.