Set with Kitchen Caddy (AirBox®) and Compostable BIOMAT® 7l Paper Bags

The air holes in the AirBox® bio bin allow water to evaporate and the organic waste stays dry and fresh. The compostable paper bags are the perfect complement. Container is available perforated and closed.
Dimensions: AirBox®: B260 x T198 x H256 mm
Dimensions Bags: 190 + 140 x 230 mm
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Kitchen Caddy with compostable paper bags

This package consists of one kitchen caddy (AirBox) and 40 compostable paper bags in 7l. With this set, you can collect your biowaste hygienically and no cleaning of the caddy is necessary.

Why does the lid of the organic waste bin have so many holes?

The "perforated" AirBox® organic bin in combination with the wet-strength paper bags made of kraft paper give your compost a fresh air cure, because water can evaporate through the membrane of the organic waste bags and the holes of the organic bin, the organic waste thus partially dries out and you can finally breathe through your kitchen again. Unpleasant odours in your kitchen are minimised and you no longer have to feel nauseated before opening the bin. In addition, the perforation in the bin helps to reduce the weight of the organic waste.

The AirBox® can be used either free-standing or mounted - just as you like it! Our bio-bucket is manufactured in Germany, so transport distances are drastically reduced.

EN 13432 und EN 13593 zertifiziert

Many companies out there say that their bags are "biodegradable" or "compostable". But only bags that are EN 13432 certified are certified and compost in facilities. EN 15393 declared that the compostable paper bags are produced according to this certification. Moreover, our compostable bags and kitchen caddy are made in Germany.

Information on storage and shelf life can be found in our FAQs.

  • Content: 1 AirBox® + 1 Bündel à 40 Stück 7 Lt. without handles
  • Dimensions Airbox®B260 x T198 x H256 mm
  • Dimensions Bags: 190 + 140 x 230 mm
  • Quality: 1-ply, brown, wet-strength, 70g/m²
  • Colour Kitchen Caddy: green with no holes

Der AirBox® Biomüllbehälter auf einen Blick:

  • Belüfteter Bioeimer für die hygienische Bioabfallsammlung im Haushalt
  • Speziell entwickelt für BIOMAT® Bioabfallsäcke
  • Wände und Deckel mit Löchern bzw. Mikro-Perforation. Vorteil: Luft kann eindringen aber lästige Obstfliegen bleiben draußen! Keine Maden!
  • Frei stehend oder montierbar
  • Aus robustem Kunststoff
  • Hergestellt in Deutschland
  • Farbe: grün
  • Abmessung AirBox®: L260 x B198 x H256 mm

BIOMAT® Papiertüten auf einem Blick:

  • Kompostierbare Papierbeutel aus Kraftpapier
  • Abmessung: 190 + 140 x 230 mm
  • Qualität: 1-lagig Kraftpapier, braun, nassfest
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